Difficulty Mods

Page Updated on 11/18/12.

ASIS - Automatic Spells and Increased Spawns
More spawns, overhauled enemy AI, enemies have potions and spells from other mods.  Patcher makes it fully compatible with other mods.

Deadly Dragons
Improves Skyrim's dragons fights by making it more difficult.

Deadly Combat
Faster-paced combat for a more responsive, realistic and rewarding experience for skilled players.

Duel - Combat Realism
Other choice that overhauls the combat system, updated more frequently than Deadly Combat.

Killing Traps
Increases the damage of all traps by at least 3.8x.  Simple mod that only changes the multipliers.

HBE - Hardcore and Balanced Experience
Rebalances the game to be a lot more "hardcore" and rewarding.

Skyrim Unleashed
Level scaling rebalanced to make the beginning more difficult.

Skyrim Scaling Stopper

Unlevelled World


  1. Nice list!

    You should add "High Level Enemies" from Skyrim Nexus. It keeps the end game from getting too easy.