NPC Mods

Page updated on 11/18/12.

Adventurers and Travelers
Adds the NPC adventurer parties to each town and adds 40 travelers to Skyrim.

More Travelers
Adds around 240 travelers and a few are on horses.  30+ locations, random, all the time.

Populated Cities
Adds more life to all cities in Skyrim by adding additional NPCs that will wander about the area.

Interesting NPCs
Adds NPCs with extensive dialogues around Skyrim.

Better Followers
This mod aims to make followers better and more lore friendly.  Highly recommended if your in to followers.

Followers can Relax
Followers are allowed to interact with environment upon command instead of always standing at attention.

Horses for Followers
Self explanatory.

Fixed Followers Lite
Fixes follower bugs without changing intended stuff.

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