Sound Mods

Immersive Skyrim Thunder
Rain and Thunder sound much better.

New Bard Songs
Self explanatory.

The Sounds of Nature - Fire
Makes fire sounds in game sound much better, such as campfires, bonfires, embers, torches, etc.

The Sounds of Nature - Water
Makes water sounds in game sound much better, such as rivers, waterfalls, streams, brooks, etc.

Ferocious Sabretooth Tigers
Part of a huge overhaul that gives animals more realistic sounds.  Taken from live recordings of Bengal Tigers.

Activate Fail Noise Removal
The sound when you fail to activate something is incredibly annoying.  This removes that noise.

Smooth blade draw and Sheathe

Realistic Weapon Swing Sounds

The Epic Sounds of Archery

The REAL Fus Ro Dah
Replaces the disappointing "fus...rodah!" of the Unrelenting Force shout with the epic shout from the Skyrim Trailer.

Psyrim v2 - Total Music Overhaul
Changes the music to deep ambient psytrance / ambient trance or 'psybient'.

Enhanced Soundtrack (Part 1 - Explore)

Enhanced Soundtrack (Part 2 - Everything Else)

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